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"Brilliant in word and artistic vision, this book sparks conversations among children and adults alike. The stand-alone story is well written with clever rhyme scheme, paired with follow up discussion points related to recycling, conservation, and environmental impact, this book is a knockout!" - Amy (Goodreads 5-star review)

"I had read the authors previous book "Charlotte's Bones" and loved it. So when my family got this book I was really exited. The book contained beautiful writing and amazing artwork. I really recommend this book." - Ella S (Goodreads 5-star review)

"We should all work hard to raise awareness about climate change to those we influence through books! My son loves owning this book and it has sparked some great conversations in our family!" - Agnus Day

"I bought several of these as Christmas presents this year, and I heard back from everyone about how much their children loved the book. Most notably, my cousin who is a school teacher raved about the level of language, and ease of understanding for her child, who is now a budding environmentalist." - Stacey E Trzcinski

"My grandchildren (ages six and ten) read this book again and again. The younger one loves the pictures and the older one (who is a real animal lover) enjoys the tips at the end of the book which give suggestions on what she can do to help wildlife and sea creatures. It puts global warming in an easy to understand message, but more importantly, left my grandchildren feeling empowered about what they could do to make a difference. I bought the hardcover and the softcover. They are both good quality. It's a small book, but I think for Christmas I will order copies of the softcover, as it will be easy and inexpensive to mail. Very sweet little book which I don't mind reading to them every night. Great gift for families concerned about the future of the environment." Judith M

"Great to see a book for young children that raises awareness of climate change and how it might impact animals and humans alike!" E. Will