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About BillyFish Books
We are an independent book publisher specializing in nonfiction. Our titles sell worldwide.

Driven by stories often overlooked or ignored by the larger publishing houses, BillyFish Books aims to link talented authors to an audience of readers who long to be uplifted, inspired and entertained.

Witnessing her partner's frustrations with the mainstream publishing industry, Tammie Stevens decided to start her own imprint to champion the works of writers unwilling to compromise the honesty of their work by conforming to cookie-cutter standards.

After becoming the first person to circumnavigate the world by human power, Jason Lewis was bombarded with offers from agents and publishers seeking to cash in on his accomplishment. He was offered a six-figure book advance, a full schedule of appearances on national television, numerous public speaking engagements, and the sale of movie rights. 

But when a ghostwriter was assigned, what took Jason 13 years was to be turned around and spat out in a few weeks. The resulting manuscript was predictably rushed and substandard. Jason was left with a decision no author should ever face: choose financial security, or preserve his integrity and that of the story by walking away from the deal. 

Fortunately for the reader, he chose the latter, and BillyFish was born.

We are a small company, flexible and accessible, two qualities you won’t find in a large publisher. Growing daily, we are proud to offer the best of the old world – keen editing, engaging graphic design, imaginative publicity campaigns, effective sales and distribution - while capitalizing on the exciting new possibilities offered by the digital era. Nourished by a passion for helping writers make a positive impact on the world and its people, we know what it takes to get your work published.

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